Our Promise to Residents as well as Administrative and Nursing Staff

Pharmaceutical Consulting Services of America, LLC promises:

  • Dignity & Reverence by recognizing every life as a gift from God, so each individual is inherently valued.
  • Integrity will be the foundation of all tasks performed by being honest, fair, and using self-scrutiny in everything we do, as the ideal means to protect overall safety, as well as assure confidentiality and privacy.
  • Trust by having honest and open communication with administrative and nursing staff.
  • Teamwork by recognizing the contribution of all along with requiring sacrifice for the benefit of the resident so as to enhance the health of the facilities served as well as working in cooperation with other organizations to protect vulnerable populations throughout the industry.
  • Cooperation between resident and staff, as well as the various clinical professions and specialties.
  • Heritage inspired by the example of our founder, E. Jack Dease Jr., the ideals and tradition of community pharmacy practice still constitutes the foundation upon which the tradition becomes better.